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Architectural Design Metabolism​
​ Architectural design metabolism

The World Architectural Student Awards are the world's largest architectural student competitions held mainly in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. This is a contest to measure the comprehensive ability of architecture students, targeting design projects, submitted competitions, and graduation designs at educational institutions related to architecture (universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and graduate schools). A complex of statistics, typology, and architectural design outlines allows us to quantify architectural design works and judge them fairly through comprehensive evaluation. In addition, we analyze the architectural designer's ability in detail for all the design works submitted, and issue a transcript that quantitatively shows what has been done and how well it has been done and provides advice. In addition, particularly excellent works in various evaluation axes will be awarded certificates of merit. This is not an arbitrary and very abstract judging, but rather shows the abilities of the designers and anticipates the future development and success of the architectural students. Everyone is aiming for a meaningful competition regardless of the type of work, grade, or country. (Yusuke Shimizu, chairman of the executive committee)

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Architectural Design Metabolism​
​ Architectural design metabolism


World Architectural Design Institute Activity Philosophy-Promote technological innovation in architectural design and contribute to the social world
World Architectural Design Institute Activity Philosophy-Promote technological innovation in architectural design and contribute to the social world


[Required] Entry

​[Required] Data submission period

July 1st to August 1st 23:59, 2021



1. Architectural design works such as university design assignments, competitions, graduation designs

* Works that have already been submitted are also possible

2. Up to 5 works can be submitted by one person, and feedback and scoring will be given to all of them.


3.Save and submit in PDF format.

(Data size within 1TB​, size, shape, number of pages such as A3 or A1 are free)

Please use PDF format. Please do not submit assignments, etc. other than the work. *We do not specify the size and shape of the sheet, the size of the letters, etc., as the work will be submitted and judged in PDF format. Feel free to express yourself according to your work.

​Propose a method


Data submission for competitions will be submitted by gigafile flight or Gmail.

Please refer to the PDF file “Information on Data Submission” below and submit the data by August 1st.

(1) Mandatory PDF data (presentation sheet) We will evaluate the contents of the proposal and the presentation. (Adjustment method)
(2) Optional: Perspectives, videos, drawings, modeling, etc. We will conduct a more specific examination of the completeness of the design. (addition method)
Formats: PDF, JPEG, MP4, DWG, DXF, 3DS, SKP, 3DM, PLN

[Required] Work Submission Form

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