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Louis Henry (Henri) Sullivan

American architect . He was one of the leading Chicago school architects and his theoretical and cultural pillar. Frank Lloyd Wright and Henry Hobson Richardson are both considered to be the three great masters of American architecture. Won the AIA medal in 1944. When he entered high school and met Moses Urson, who was teaching there, he said that his teaching method left a lasting impression on him. He entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of 16, but a year later he moved to Philadelphia and entered the office of architect Frank Heyling Furness. Due to the recession, he left Furness's office and moved to Chicago , Illinois in 1873. Steel rigid frame structure prominent due to its use of, William Le Baron Jenney entering the office of (William Le Baron Jenney). Chicago at the time was in the midst of a recovery from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and was in an unprecedented construction boom. After leaving Jenny's office, he studied at the long-awaited Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris for a year. During this period, he was influenced by the Renaissance, especially Michelangelo. When I returned to Chicago, I was only 18 years old.





[Auditorium Building]


[Wayne Light Building]

Wayne Wright Building

[Guarantee Building]

Guarantee Building

[Bayyard Building]

Bayyard Building

[Carson Pilly Scott Store]

Carson Pilly Scott Store
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