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Zaha Hadid   زها حديد

One of the leading architects of deconstructivism in contemporary architecture, even if he won the contest, the design was often too eccentric to be built, so he was nicknamed "The Queen of Unbuilt". had. In recent years, the number of properties that can be built has increased due to advances in building technology. We have realized unprecedented curved design by making full use of computational design and parametric modeling methods using 3D CAD .

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focus athlete architect Zaha Hadid

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HD Subtitles Zaha Hadid Full Q & A Oxford Union

[Cardif Bay Opera House 1995]

The Cardiff Bay Opera House was a proposed center for the performing arts of Cardiff Bay, Cardiff and Wales , devised in the 1990s as an important part of the Cardiff Bay Redevelopment Project.  One of the aims of this plan is, at that time Cardiff of the new theater was based in Wales National Opera new company correct was to create a house. The Welsh Millennium Center was built there and opened in 2004. Cardiff Bay Development Corporation this plan, which has received the support of the Welsh National Opera of was to build a permanent home in the Inner Harbor near the site of Cardiff Bay. An international design competition was held and was eventually won by Iraqi- born architect Zaha Hadid. Hadid's design is called a crystal necklace by some of the media. However, the project was unable to obtain funding from the Millennium Commission, an organization that funded the British National Lottery. ..

Cardiff Bay Opera House

[Guangzhou Opera House 2010]

Guangzhou Grand Theater is a theater located at No. 1 Jiangxi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, People's Republic of China. The architecture was designed in Zaha Hadid. Initially it was a tentative name for "Guangzhou Opera House", but in April 2010 it was renamed to "Guangzhou Opera House". The building features a façade with the motif of pebbles on the Pearl River, and the interior of the opera house is equipped with glittering lighting like a beautiful starry sky.

An opera house with 1,800 seats and a multipurpose hall with 400 seats. In addition, it consists of a wide platform that connects the two. Total floor area 70,000mi, huge form of height 43m forms a two buildings form a Zaha specific de constructor Ravi stick. The exterior of the building refers to two pebbles on the nearby Paar River. The symbolized shape of the stone eroded by the flow constitutes a sloping polyhedron that is bent at any spatially free angle . It gives the audience a strong visual impact. In reality, the opera house is covered with 64 sloping triangles or quadrangles, while the multipurpose hall is covered with 37 faces. The connecting surfaces where different surfaces meet are chamfered in a cylindrical shape, the corners where multiple connecting surfaces gather are hyperbolic chamfered, and the roof and curtain wall are integrated in the troublesomely processed building. The building system has been made to use double stone panels and glass cladding . The glass zone is in a free form and clings to the building, which gives the building a more intricate look. Various uneven surfaces are created on the roof and façade, and the largest one has a head of 18 m. Therefore, the outer wall repeatedly protrudes and sinks, thereby reducing the geometric hardness. The flat length of the opera house is 136m and the width is 129m, while that of the multipurpose hall is 88m and 62m.

[Evelyn Grace Academy 2010]

Recently completed in collaboration with Mr. Hadid and Arup is the "Evelyn Grace Academy" in London, England. The concept of the design was " one school consisting of multiple small schools ", and the idea was to create a segmental building structure that would make it possible to understand the existence of each small school architecturally. This was also a structural challenge, and a cantilever was required in the part where the plane was shifted up and down, and the fitting of the façade became complicated accordingly. There are few curves that can be said to be her pronoun, but the walls are skewed . The thrust (force that the base of the pillar tries to spread) is designed to fit inside the floor slab. In this project, due to budgetary constraints, the designers should first decide the rules, and the diagonal walls should be only the parts that affect the appearance, and the shear walls should be arranged vertically. I made it. Architecture is so close to people that it can be said that "history of architecture = history of people ", and therefore it is also an industry with an old constitution. However, her quest for shapes requires new professions, and the power of shapes can impress.

[Sheikh Zayed Bridge 2010]

As a bridge, the fulcrum spacing is short except for the main span, and it is a continuous girder bridge of about 50 m except for the suspended one span. Since the supporting ground is not a good place, a structure is required to take the horizontal force of the arch between the main spans, and the jumping up of the arch rib on the left bank works as a balance arch that takes the horizontal force by the weight of the girder between the side spans. ing. As the arch span becomes shorter, a large concrete block is used to take horizontal force. A pure and dynamic sculpture.

[ Aquatics Center 2011]

Aquatics Center  Is an indoor swimming facility built in the Olympic Park in Stratford City , London . It has a 50-meter swimming pool and a 25-meter diving pool and was used at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. The Aquatics Center was designed by Pritzker Prize- winning designer Zaha Hadid in 2004, before London successfully bid for the Olympics. It was built in the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London, across the WaterWorks River, opposite the Olympic Stadium and adjacent to the Water Polo Arena. It features a curved roof and is the first facility that visitors to the Olympic Park will see when they enter the park.

[ Aquatics Center ]

Zaha Hadid Architects: RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist Aquatic Center

[Riverside Museum 2011]

"Riverside Museum", a museum designed by Zaha Hadid in Glasgow, England. The jagged roof is a building with outstanding impact, and it features a wave-inspired design. There are glass openings on both sides of the building, connecting the city side to the sea side while bending. This ultra-modern cultural building is one of the newest in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Firmly designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the museum is responsible for various exhibitions, including the ancestors of automobiles, traffic engineering, shipbuilding and other construction strongly linked to Glasgow's industrial history, the city of Scotland. The true leader of architectural works, the forefront of design and technology .

[Heydar Aliyev Center 2011]

The Heydar Aliyev Center is a complex located in Baku , the capital of Azerbaijan.

It is a vast cultural center with a total area of 57,719 square meters, and in addition to a museum that introduces the history and culture of Azerbaijan and the personal history of former President Heydar Aliyev, various cultures such as a museum where special exhibitions are held and a concert hall Facilities are provided. It has the beauty of modeling created by the complicated curves that show various expressions, and the sight of Baku's buildings reflected in the front glass is also fantastic. It is a form of fluid that emerges from the landscape of various functions and the folding of the natural terrain of the packaging. The rooftop of this building is in the form of a signature of former President Heydar Aliyev. All the functions of the center, and the entries, represented by creases on a single continuous surface, this form of fluid gives us the opportunity to link different cultural spaces at the same time, with a unique identity. Brilliance provides all the elements in the center, it erodes the skin to become part of the center's interior landscape, like internal folds. Designed to be the main building for the national cultural program , the design establishes a continuous relationship , fluids, city squares between its environments, and places inside the buildings, the city of Baku. As part of the structure, all accessible, lifts that wrap around public interior spaces , define the placement of spaces dedicated to the collective celebration of modern and traditional Azerbaijani culture.

[Heydar Aliyev Center]

[Potential of Azerbaijan] Vol.2 Heydar Aliyev Center

[Heydar Aliyev Center]

[Why this shape] Why did the Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan take this shape?

[Heydar Aliyev Center]

[Explanation of Jiro Shinbo] Architecture of Baku Zaha Hadid (Part 2) -Jiro Shinbo Trip-

[Galaxy SOHO 2012]

The large-scale commercial building "Beijing / Galaxy SOHO" in Beijing, the capital of China, is a building that looks like it is made only of curved lines without straight lines. Buildings usually have an inorganic appearance , but "Beijing Galaxy SOHO" has a biological shape .
Four round dumpling-like buildings are connected by a gently curved passage.
The concrete wall is covered with aluminum panels, so it looks white overall.
Sometimes the windows look dark, and sometimes they look like swirls, coupled with the white of the walls.
It is a comprehensive tenant building with commercial spaces and offices, and the top floor is a restaurant and cafe. The commercial space has a large atrium, and the high glass ceiling forms an all-weather open space. All curves are used both vertically and horizontally , and a soft image surrounds the entire building.

[ Galaxy SOHO ]

Galaxy SOHO in Beijing Appearance

[ Galaxy SOHO ]

The Growth of Galaxy SOHO Building Construction

[Vienna University of Economics and Learning Learning Center 2013]

Learning center of the Vienna University of Economics (WU). Not only is the wall tilted, but the weight of the large space is also added to the top of the building, adding to the sense of instability. The inside is amazing. Sci-fi spaces like those drawn by Star Trek have already become a reality.

[Hong Kong Institute of Technology Jockey Club Innovation Tower 2013]

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is a super-eccentric architecture that pops into your eyes as you pass through the grid-shaped campus. The white architecture that melts into the clouds has a mysterious appearance and façade. When you go to the entrance, the whole building looks like a swell. When you go inside, it feels strange as it looks.

[Todaimon Design Plaza 2014]

At Dongdaemun, which is lined with a wholesale market and huge modern buildings in Seoul, South Korea, there is an amazingly shaped building designed by Zaha Hadid, who died suddenly in March last year. This building, commonly known as "DDP" at the "Dongdaemun Design Plaza," has become the closest Zaha Hadid building to Japan now that the Zaha Hadid plan for the New National Stadium has been withdrawn. It is a landmark around the Dongdaemun area. It is directly connected to "Dongdaemun History & Culture Park" station on subway line 2, and it looks like it is connected in terms of design. When you go out from the subway station, you will come to Oullim Square, a square that is open 24 hours a day, and you will see a huge façade with a shape like science fiction in the near future. The surface is covered with aluminum panels and it feels like a UFO , but it is a deconstructivist architecture that has a continuous organic volume and feels like a living thing. This streamlined form works effectively because it organically connects the four functions with the role of an external plaza.

[ Todaimon Design Plaza ]

DDP --Dongdaemun Design Plaza --Exterior of Dongdaemun Design Plaza

[ Todaimon Design Plaza ]

Seoul Tourism Zaha Hadid Design Dongdaemun Design Plaza Inside View

[Bokyo SOHO 2015]

The subway has opened in the Bokyo area, and it is in the limelight as a new business district. At the center of this is the area where "Bokyo SOHO" is located. There is a group of office buildings of an American company that has existed for a long time, and on the large site on the west side of them, "Bokyo SOHO", in which three unique round-shaped buildings are eye-catching, was built. When you go around "Bokyo SOHO", you can feel the excellence of the design in the organic building that changes its expression depending on the viewing angle. The office buildings of the Chinese headquarters of world-famous companies such as Microsoft, caterpillar, and Daimler, which are adjacent to each other, are ordinary square buildings, so they are likely to be everywhere except for the logos of each company. "SOHO" has a different presence. If "Galaxy SOHO" in the center of Beijing is the sister SOHO of this "Bokyo SOHO", Zaha Hadid's " buildings with unique organic form " will stand out. ing. Zaha Hadid has passed away, but the DNA of her ideas seems to be stronger in mainland China, which is part of this "individual architectural design flow."


[ Bokyo SOHO ]

zahahadid 扎哈. 哈 迪 德 Nozomi Kyo SOHO

[ Bokyo SOHO ]

Wangjing SOHO CG video

[Mesner Mountain Museum Corones 2015]

Mesner was the first to climb 14 mountains around the world, over 8,000 meters, and first appeared on the summit of Everest without oxygenation, conveying the vision of MMM Corones: "Kronplatz". Cross-border views of South Tyrol Every point of the compass: from Lienz Dolomites in the east to Ortler in the west, from Marmolada glacier in the south to Zillertal Alps in the north. This museum is a mirror of my childhood world. Geisler spitzen , The center of Heiligkreuzkofel (the most difficult climb of my life), and the gentle granite mountains of the Ahrn Valley. At Kronplatz, I present 250 years of progress on the development of modern climbing and its facilities. Talk about the victory and tragedy of the world's most famous mountains of Matterhorn, Serotore, K2, illuminate the Alpinism with the help of relics, thoughts and works of art, and backcross the outer mountains inside MMM Corones. Reflect "


[Salerno Ferry Terminal 2016]

The new ferry terminal, which was built as part of the redevelopment of the port area of Salerno in southern Italy, has a design inspired by oysters. A hard "shell" covers the "contents" of a soft impression that arranges the streamlines and curves that are characteristic of Hadid architecture. The building reminiscent of oysters can accommodate both international and domestic flights, such as lounges and passport controls. At night, it illuminates the surroundings like a lighthouse. Pompeii and Amalfi, known for its stunning landscape, are also nearby and can be used as a base for sightseeing.

[Salerno Ferry Terminal 2016]

The former Hanseatic fire department, which had been abandoned, was reused and expanded, and a new headquarters building was built to accommodate 500 staff. The building, which took about seven years to complete in the fall of 2016, is a work that can be said to be Zaha's last work, which died suddenly in March of the same year. The exterior of the old fire department building remains the same, but the extension part reminiscent of a huge diamond object is boldly fused. The exterior of the extension is suitable for Antwerp, which has the largest diamond trading volume in the world, and its pointed shape toward the south is like a ship that symbolizes a port city. It is a bold design and structure that is typical of Zaha, which is to restore the old fire department building of the 16th century style where the harbor was the most prosperous, and to add a new 4-story glass building on top of it, which is built between the dock and the river. .. The triangular glass that covers the new building, which has a shape reminiscent of a ship, reflects light like a facet, reminiscent of diamond, another major industry in Antwerp. The flow of the sky and clouds is also reflected in the glass, giving the building a further look. The view of the harbor and the city is wonderful, and it is a powerful architecture where Zaha can be seen.

[Salerno Ferry Terminal 2016]

"Afragola High Speed Train Station in Naples" is designed as an urban public pridge that connects the communities on both sides of the station. It is also designed to minimize the circulation routes for passengers and transfer passengers. The passenger passage is the basis for determining the geometry of the entire interior space of the station. Large entrances on both sides of the station welcome visitors and at the same time lead people to an elevated public zone with many stores and amenities. Visitors from both sides of the station reach the central atrium overlooking cafes and restaurants. .. This central atrium is a new public space that was very much requested in the station construction plan, and there was also a strong request for the main concourse where passengers descend to each platform. The station building is a tread bridge-like building that straddles the upper part of the existing Tetsudo Line. The building with a trapezoidal cross section is a long structure that extends in the air like a snake undulating over a length of 450 m. In the curved elevated concourse, 200 steel ribs in Korean form a bright space supporting the glass top light. As for the concrete used inside, concrete with a special composition is used so that Yukima can perform optimally. It uses the technology that Zaha Hadid first developed when the " 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome" was built. The wooden frame has been replaced by a prefabricated steel unit , and the double-curved section was formed by a polystyrene model constructed by CNC (Computer Numerical Control). The main concourse is arranged to contribute to the ecological sustainability of the station building. The station has the lowest energy consumption rate due to the roof -mounted solar panel natural light, natural ventilation , and underground heat source cooling and warming system. The project, which has invested 47 billion euros in 12 years, has contributed significantly to the development of Southern Italy. When the whole is completed, "Naples Afragola Station" will be used by 32,700 people every day, and commuters will be used by 4,800 people every morning during the morning rush hour. Twenty-eight high-speed trains stop up and down every day. Advanced aesthetic design and engineering skills

[Capital Hill Residence 2018]

Built in the Barviva Forest near Moscow, the capital of Russia, the mansion is named Capital Hill Residence and features a battleship-like silhouette and an original design that combines Zaha-like curves and straight lines . This mysterious four-story mansion has a typical living room and kitchen, as well as an entertainment and recreation room, an indoor swimming pool, a library, and other spaces for children to enjoy together.  The house is located between a pine tree and a birch tree that grows to a height of 20 meters, a flow inspired by the natural environment of the dwelling, defined by both the architect and her clients in an easily unmistakable style with it. Features typical geometry and lines

[Capital Hill Residence 2018]

​​​​​​ Since Miami is a resort area in the everlasting summer, many so-called condominiums are spacious and gorgeous. The design of the tower is a continuation of the research on skyscrapers at the Zaha Hadid office, backed by engineering technology across the building. It wears a fluid architectural expression peculiar to Zaha. The concrete exo skeleton of the building is a vertical crossing place where the verimeter part is composed of fluid lines , which are structural supports . The building, which consists of one continuous frame from the highest floor to the lowest floor, has columns that rise from the base part as it rises in a fan shape and becomes a brace, and by connecting with similar braces from the side at the corner part. The building is made into a single solid tube to counter the strong wind load of Miami. The curved literary body forms a strong diagonal breath (crossing place) that does not look like a hurricane. The One Thousand Museum uses fiberglass reinforced concrete formwork , which remains in places as construction progresses to the top of the tower. The tower's interior floor is almost column-free because the exoskeleton frame is on the building's perimeter. The floor plan of each floor is slightly different due to the curvature of the huge brace that appears on the outer wall. On the lower floors, the terrace emerges from the corner with a cantilever, while on the upper floors it is located behind a huge brace. Amenity facilities include an aquatic center, lounge, and event space on the return floor, and a land-skate-designed garden, terrace, and boules are located above the loppy and resident parking lots.

[ Beijing Daxing International Airport Terminal Building ]

.. The starfish- shaped airport terminal building designed by architect Zaha Hadid is the largest alone in the world (1.03 million m2), has four runways, and is expected to have about 72 million users for the time being. However, when it is finalized, it will have eight runways and will have a processing capacity of more than 120 million people. Airports have become smarter with cutting-edge technologies such as 5G , AI , and robots .

[New National Stadium Competition 2020]

Her design proposal for the Japan National Stadium, which was scheduled to be used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and was originally scheduled for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, was selected at an international competition in November 2012. It is said that he was initially reluctant to participate in the competition. Supervision fee 1.3 billion yen as a design supervisor who is not responsible for design  The contract was signed with the owner, Japan Sport Council (JSC), and the design itself was handled by the Japanese designer.

While streamlines were attracting attention, criticisms erupted from all sides, including some athletes, saying that the hugeness spoiled the landscape and the construction cost was too huge. Although it will be reduced by about 25% in November 2013, it is said that the annual maintenance cost will be about 4.1 billion yen. However, the scale is an application condition set by the owner JSC, and it was said that she was not blamed. Tadao Ando, the chairman of the competition judging committee who recommended her design, said at the meeting the day before that he was not obliged to consider the construction cost and was surprised at 252 billion yen (final estimate on July 7). .. We planned to participate in the re-competition in collaboration with Nikken Sekkei , but this time we used the "design-build method" and abandoned the application because we could not find a contractor to join. On December 22, when Kengo Kuma decided to adopt Plan A, he commented that the interior of the seats was " surprisingly similar to our design " and claimed intellectual property rights (in the other Plan B). The defeated Toyo Ito also pointed out similarities such as pillar splitting).

Her first plan was to have a slope that straddles the adjacent Metropolitan Expressway and railroad tracks , but after the reduction, her dynamism declined ( Fumihiko Maki ) and her turtle-like dullness ( Arata Isozaki ).  There was a voice. On the other hand, Kensuke Yoshida from Takenaka Corporation  And Ryuji Fujimura who highly evaluates "Zaha style 3D design"  Natsumi Iwasaki , an architect and writer  And economic analyst Takuro Morinaga  And talent DAIGO  There were also regrettable opinions. Riccardo Tossani described the new designs (Plans A and B) reminiscent of wooden architecture by Japanese architects as "compromise plans" and commented that Zaha had a better direction for the future.

[ New National Stadium ]

Zaha Hadid "New National Stadium Design Contest Award Ceremony Presentation"

[ New National Stadium ]

Zaha Hadid's video presentation and report video in Japanese about the New National Stadium.

[ New National Stadium ]

New National Stadium Issue Tadao Ando Press Conference

[ New National Stadium ]

"Why?" Mr. Tadao Ando, the person in charge of choosing that design

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