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Ralph Erskine​ Antoni Gaudí i Cornet

Ralph Erskine is a Swedish architect . Urban planner . Born in Northumberland, England. After graduating from school, he joined the Welwyn Garden City team under the guidance of architect Louis Doe Soissons. From 1945 to 1959, he worked on projects for urban residential areas such as Utorp apartments , Hammalby apartments , and Kiruna apartments. After that, he returned to London and worked on Team Ten 's activities, including Clare Hall , University of Cambridge and Greenwich Millennium Village. Also in Sweden, he has worked on the Stockholm City Planning Arctic Town Project, The Ark , etc., leaving the Stockholm University Student Center, Stockholm Bus Terminal, etc. Received the RIBA Gold Medal in 1987.


[About the passive design method and its transition in Ralph Erskine's residential works]

Attention is also focused on the development of sustainable architecture in the field of architecture. However, there are four seasons in Japan, and the climate changes drastically throughout the year, so designing passive design in Japan is difficult, and I feel that it has not been fully realized at present. It is thought that Erskine's residential works use a passive design to secure a living environment from the severe cold in the four seasons as in Japan. By grasping what kind of passive design Erskine's work is specifically adapted to the natural environment and following the transition, the development process of each method will be clarified. Furthermore, the purpose of this study is to consider the possibility that the passive design dealt with here will be utilized in future environmental architecture, especially in cold regions and snowy regions of Japan.

1. Swedish climate and Erskine's design philosophy

2. Passive design by Erskine​

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