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Richard George Rogers

Richard Rogers is a British architect . His architecture is known for its functionalist design influenced by modernist architecture , as well as high-tech-oriented architectural design. Born in Florence , Rogers studied at the Architectural Association's AA School, an architectural school in London , and obtained a diploma in 1959. After graduating, study abroad in the United States. He graduated from Yale University Graduate School in 1962 .

At Yale University, Rogers met Norman Foster , who was also a student, and after returning to England, he and his wife (Su Rogers, Wendy Cheeseman) and four architects built "Team 4". Formed an experimental group of, and gained a reputation for high-tech-oriented and industry-oriented design. In 1985, he was awarded the RIBA Gold Medal by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). Received the 2007 Pritzker Prize. Currently, in addition to London, it has offices in Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, and New York (project office). In 2007, the office name was changed from Richard Rogers Partnership to Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners. In 2012, he served as a competition judge for the New National Stadium (two international representatives) with Norman Foster .

[Pompidou Center 1972]

Georges Pompidou National Center for the Arts and Culture  Known as "Pompidou Center"  Is a comprehensive cultural facility located in the Saint-Merri district of the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Capital Paris in the heart of the Art and Design other, design , music , movie -related facilities and libraries , including the modern and contemporary art the original architect of the concept of providing a base Renzo Piano , Richard Rogers and Chan Franco Franky two design Was done. There were criticisms that the design was so novel that it spoiled the aesthetics of Paris, which is lined with historic buildings, but Renzo Piano said, "I wanted to destroy the image of a stern cultural facility. This is the most free relationship between art and humans. It's a dream, and at the same time, it's a place where you can feel the breath of the city. "

The Pompidou Center has 7 floors and 3 floors below, and the Pompidou Center (total floor area 103,305 m²) has a public information library (1st to 3rd floors), the National Museum of Modern Art (4th to 6th floors), restaurants and cafes. It consists of a roof including the roof , two movie theaters, a multipurpose hall, and a conference room, and there is a National Institute of Acoustics and Music on the premises as an ancillary facility. The Museum of Modern Art in New York , the largest in Europe and the world  It is the second scale after. In 2010, the Pompidou Center Metz opened as a branch of the Pompidou Center. Design, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban , French architect Jean de Gasutinu , British architect Philip Gumuchijan has worked jointly.

On the other hand, the innovative design, in which steel frames are assembled on the outside of the building like scaffolding at a construction site , and plumbing equipment for electricity, water, air conditioning, stairs, escalator, etc. are arranged here, is controversial and "Avant-garde art that spoils the aesthetics of Paris. , "Plumbing equipment Notre Dame," "Art Warehouse," "Gas Factory," "Oil Refinery," "Cultural Junk Storage," or "Ponpidorium," which was criticized for aquariums and planetariums. Jean Baudrillard described it as a "cultural hypermarket " in the "Beaubourg effect".

These facilities are color coded, with blue representing the flow of air (air conditioning), green representing the flow of water (water), yellow representing the flow of electricity, and red representing the flow of people (stairs, escalators). Renzo Piano said, "I wanted to destroy the image of a stern cultural facility (building). This is a dream of the most free relationship between art and human beings, and at the same time, a place where you can feel the breath of the city." rice field.

[Lloyd's of London 1979]

Lloyd's of London is a global insurance market in London. Commonly known as "Lloyds". Along with the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation designed by Norman R. Foster , it is considered to be the ultimate goal of technical expression in 20th century architectural expression. A huge atrium is placed inside a simple rectangular parallelepiped, and six towers are irregularly arranged outside it. Here, the framework of technology is sublimated into cultural creation by giving people some kind of technical romanticism by exposing the mechanism. Inside and outside the building, it looks like a chemical factory with lots of metallic pipes. The most striking thing about the exterior is the outer staircase, which is shaped like the blade of an electric drill because the stainless steel panel covers the spiral staircase. In addition, like in factories, piping for air conditioning and electricity is also installed exposed to the outside. The interior is almost hollow, and the escalator in the center is impressive. In addition, the reason why it takes the form of an open office with almost no walls is that it is designed so that the form of the office can be freely changed in anticipation of increased work.

Uniform high-tech style three architects of many that will be enclosed in the difference is, Rogers is mostly his own drawings and sketches not drawn to, that will constitute a whole by organizing well the human process Is outstanding compared to the other two.

[ Lloyd's of London ]

Richard Rogers Lloyd's of London

[Millennium Dome 1999]

Formerly known as the world's largest dome on the Greenwich Peninsula in southeast London, England. Currently, it is a complex facility " The O2 " . The dome is hung by cables from twelve yellow masts. The designer is Richard Rodgers . Initially, the main purpose of this dome was to hold the exhibition "Millennium Experience", but the project had considerable problems such as deterioration of profits, and it was temporarily closed at the end of the exhibition. The dome was redeveloped in 2005 and reopened in 2007 as a large-scale entertainment facility " The O2". The Millennium Dome is the largest single-roofed structure in the world. Its appearance is a huge tent hung on a 100m high yellow mast. The mast, which stands at the position where the perfect circle is divided into 12 equal parts , expresses 12 "time" and "moon" and symbolizes the role of Greenwich Mean Time. The roof is a wavy circle like a shell and has a diameter of 365m, but this number also symbolizes "1 year = 365 days". This iconic and huge building has become one of Britain 's landmarks and is well-known in London 's aerial photography.

The Millennium Dome and Canary Wharf were designed by Sir Richard Rogers and supervised by Sir Robert McCalpine . The structural design is by Bureau Happold, which is a thorough lightweight structure in which the weight of the membrane roof is lighter than the air contained in the dome. It is a suspension structure of a cable network. The canopy is made of weather-resistant fiberglass coated with Teflon and has a central height of 50 m. Except for details such as the rise of the ventilation holes from the Blackwall Tunnel, it is almost symmetrical.

[ Nippon Television Network Shiodome Company Building 2003 ]

Nittele Tower is a building located in Minato-ku, Tokyo. It has the head office of Nippon Television Network Co., Ltd. and a television studio where live news and information programs and some variety programs are produced. On February 29, 2004, the master control room moved from the Kojimachi office building and started broadcasting from Nittele Tower. Known as Nittele Tower. It is a part of the building group in Shiodome Shiosite ( Shiodome redevelopment district), and the world-famous architect Richard Rogers worked on the basic concept. Construction is by Shimizu Corporation . The reason for exposing the pillars at the four corners outside the building is to receive measures to ease the floor area ratio. In addition, the floor area ratio has been relaxed by making the floor in front of the reception on the second floor above ground a free passage. The structure of the building is divided into upper and lower floors. Program production functions such as studios are concentrated in the lower layer, and there is no problem even if the floor is removed with a flexible structure. It is also possible to expand the studio or convert it to an office. When it was decided to move the head office to Shiodome, Seiichiro Ujiie, who was the president of NTV at the time, said, "In the future, the TV station industry will disappear. For that time, the new office building should be structured so that it can be rented. " This is because it was advocated. The upper floor is an office building, but there is also a studio on the top floor.

Nittele Tower is for building use and mass media  Considering the historical background surrounding A  Sustainability (variable resistance, environmental compatibility)  Sympathy ( interactivity, functionality, creativity )  Safety ( safety, publicity, reliability )  The plan was advanced with the basic concept. The content production factory, which is undergoing rapid changes among broadcasting stations, has a super structure with mega trusses at the four corners as the main frame, and secures a large space of approximately 70m x 30m and a height of 20m. this  In the space, structurally freely provide a floor  It is possible to (remove), office → studio,  Supports functional changes such as studio → office  Has the flexibility possible. Mega truss at the four corners of a building called a buttress  Is reminiscent of a TV tower, with glass on both sides  The pasted elevator shaft expresses the sense of speed of information, and the screen is in the large space sandwiched between them.  I have the image of.

[Nittele Tower]

Richard George Rogers-Nippon Television Tower

[ Barajas Airport Terminal 4 2005 ]

Madrid's huge empty gateway with a novel design that catches the eye of the user

Located in Madrid, the capital of Spain, this international airport boasts one of the highest numbers of passengers in the world. A huge empty gateway used by more than 700,000 people a year. The official name is Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport. It was renamed from its former name in 2014 in honor of Adolfo Suarez, the president of the Spanish democratization period. Opened in 2005, Terminal 4 was designed by British architect Richard Rogers. And the roof of the design, such as strike wave, natural light gently from there like sunlight through, colorful struts, give the impact to the user. However, the ease of use of the airport is inferior to that of other large airports in urban areas. Only in the country where Antoni Gaudi was born, the emphasis is on design novelty rather than functionality.

[Keitomi Shuen no Yunbu Oro 2007 ]

The Qingfu Group, which founded the Qingfu Shipbuilding Company in 1989, chose to build its headquarters in Kaohsiung, which has the fourth largest container port in the world. This is undoubtedly a testament to the historical development of Kaohsiung Port and Taiwan's shipbuilding industry. It also emphasizes the deep sentiment of the enterprise between the group and the marine industry. Today's Seifu Group includes various business fields such as shipbuilding, fishing, tankers, tourism, technology, locomotive manufacturing, etc., and promotes the construction of the head office building based on the integrated demand of the group's management resources. Announced on September 18, 2005. The ground was officially destroyed on December 25, 2007, and the inauguration ceremony was held.

The total building area of the Qingfu Group headquarters building is 2,060m 2, with 10 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground. The entire building has a steel structure. It responds to trends in environmental protection architecture around the world and fully reflects what the owners and architects want to express. High-tech, light and delicate architectural style .

The most striking aspect of the case is that a private company has invited British architect Richard Rogers (whose name is now Rogers Stark Harbor + Partners) as chief designer by international image recruitment and is the most representative. It was to create a good corporate spirit and image. Although expensive, it not only helps improve the corporate image, but is also a more positive indicator of Taiwan's building environment, bringing Kaohsiung another world-class building.

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