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​World Architectural History III

Diverse society (architect-centered architecture)

Postmodernist architecture Deconstructivist architecture Reductionist architecture

​~ The beginning of the 4th architecture ~
​Chapter 3 Programming Architecture

Generally, conditions such as site conditions, functional layout, cultural context, and client's intentions, which are considered before drawing a blueprint, are called "programs". This is a design method in which these are schematized (= diagrams) and directly projected onto the architectural form. In the 1980s, it spread worldwide in the wake of a competition at La Villette Park.

<Purpose of programming> Accurately match the budget and performance required by the client. Performance includes convenience, safety, comfort, economy, and sociality.

Accountability for the completed building.

<Diagram> Schematize information. In the field of communication design, information that you want to convey is presented and explained in a plain manner using two-dimensional abstract figures, symbols, mathematical formulas, character strings, and relational expressions, and is called a "diagram." It can clearly show the concept of things, their systems, processes, and operations, but it does not show quantitative information such as mass or volume.

The "La Villette Park" competition, which was the catalyst for this, is one of the nine construction projects "Grands Projets" of the French government, which was planned to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. An international competition was held in 1983, and Bernard Tschumi's proposal was selected from 470 proposals. Since the design methods and concepts used there focused on "programs," they have been attracting worldwide attention since then. Winner: Bernard Tschumi, etc .: Rem Koolhaas At that time, they were interested in the chances and unscheduled harmony that occur in space, such as "events" and "programs." Discontinuity of form and function.

  Program architecture

Other organic architecture

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