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The World Architecture Student Award is one of the world's largest architecture student competitions held mainly in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. This contest aims at the comprehensive ability of architectural students to carry out design subject works, submitted competitions, graduation design works, etc. that were undertaken by educational institutions related to architecture (universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, graduate schools). With the complex of statistics, typology and an introduction to architectural design, architectural design works can be quantified and judged fairly by comprehensive evaluation. In addition, we will issue a transcript that analyzes the abilities of the architectural designer in detail for all the submitted design works, quantitatively shows where and how much is done, and gives advice. In addition, a certificate will be awarded to works that are particularly excellent in various evaluation axes. This is not an arbitrary and very abstract examination, but shows the ability of the designer and hopes for the future development and success of architectural students. Everyone is aiming for a meaningful competition regardless of the type of work, grade, or country. (Executive Committee Chair Yusuke Shimizu)

Architectural Design Metabolism​
​ Architectural design metabolism

It is the largest competition in which architecture students from all over the world participate.
WASA aims at three goals.

Student participation

A tournament that can be enjoyed by all participants regardless of country, language, or grade

Fairness of examination

Fair examination activities that can treat values around the world equally using DBs and systems

Notification of examination

In addition to the award-winning works, the judging process, magnification, trend analysis, etc.