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Software used by architecture students
建筑系学生使用的软件 建築学生が使うソフト


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Let's expand the range of design
by mastering various software


Drawing creation

绘图创建 / 図面作成

■ Write plans, elevations, cross-sections, layouts, etc. when designing a building. Introducing the usage rate and functions of CAD suitable for creating drawings of AutoCAD, VectorWorks, and JWCAD.

■ 在设计建筑物时,写下平面图、立面图、横截面、布局等。 介绍适合制作AutoCAD、VectorWorks、JWCAD图纸的CAD使用率和功能。



■Student version: Free

■ Compatible OS: Windows, Mac

■ CPU Intel: Core i5 or higher

■ GPU4GB or more VRAM installed

■ Memory: 16 GB or more

AutoCAD is a CAD developed and sold by Autodesk in the United States. It is excellent in operability, compatibility, and design, and is basically used when drawing drawings, and is used by most students.


■ 兼容操作系统:Windows、Mac

■ CPU Intel:Core i5 或更高

■ 已安装 GPU4GB 或更多显存

■ 内存:16 GB 或更多

AutoCAD是Autodesk在美国开发和销售的CAD。 可操作性、兼容性、设计性都非常好,基本上是在画图的时候使用,大部分学生都在使用。



■CPUIntel :Core i5以上