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Let's acquire skills with design CAD and editing software! !!
Let's acquire skills with design CAD and editing software! !!
​National Kenkomi Architectural Design Institute
Let's acquire skills with design CAD and editing software! !!

It is used in various situations such as architectural design tasks, competitions, and graduation design.

There are many types of design software used by architecture students.

CAD to write drawings, CAD to launch modeling, CAD to create videos and perspectives, software to edit perspectives

The more you use CAD, the higher the quality and quality of the design. Also, the design speed will be faster.

CAD can be a valuable human resource that is useful not only for your own design but also for entering a company or working part-time by learning a lot of software. Let's learn various CAD while students! !!

[Must-see for beginners and students] 10 recommended CAD software for creating architectural CG perspectives
Collect design materials for presentation
Let's improve the quality! !!

3D modeling × Creating modeling of the scenery

3D scenes of humans in various posesCreate 3D as you like with many 3D scenes from daily necessities to small items.


■ Floor plan × Editing the background

Let's express the floor plan well with floor plan materials such as flooring, exterior, and planting.


■ Elevation cross section × Editing of the landscape

Let's express the cross section and elevation well with the elevation material such as the outer wall, background, planting, and people.

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Let's pursue architecture in cooperation with all architecture students.

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